Custom projects are what we specialize in and what we love to make. We often say "If you can dream it we can make it." We want our customers and designers to think outside of the box and to come up with one of a kind designs. We can help with the design aspect and give you recommendations that will make your rug truly unique.

Custom borders are a great way to bring multiple colors and design into a room. Whether it is a basic single or double border rug or a custom border with a inlaid design we can make it a true master piece. All of our custom rugs will have the seams carved to create a multidimensional look and feel. All of our borders will have "picture frame" cut corners and we encourage all border rugs to have a backing applied to keep the rug strong and the seams from fraying.

Custom shapes allow you to give any room an unique twist. The most common shapes are octagons, ovals and rugs with dog-eared corners. We can pattern your rug to match exact shapes of the different architecture elements in your home. We can also make border rugs into custom shapes or pattern your space to make an exact match.

Custom carving brings the wow factor to your home. We can take a solid piece of carpet and carve amazing detail into the yarn bringing it to life. This is a multidimensional piece of art. We do all our carving by hand and we can match any design that we can get on to paper. The thicker and nicer the carpet the deeper and more dramatic the carving will be. Carving is an art that only a few skilled artist can do and we have two carving artist at Seelye Group.

Custom Borders

Custom Shapes

Custom Carving